Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exciting brooke shields photos

brooke shields photos
innocent face of brooke shields
brooke shields photos
brooke shields looking at you questioning
brooke shields photos
tight t shirt of brooke shields exposiing her assets

Excellant thighs of brooke shields

thighs of brooke shields
thighs of brooke shields
thighs of brooke shields
brooke shields has excellent thighs which are exposed int these pics, she has long, lean exciting thighs. Thus she became famous

Friday, May 11, 2012

Brooke shields exposing pics

Brooke shields exposing pics
Brooke shields exposing pics
brooke shields wears no bra in these pics, she is fully exposed. she is lovely and good figure. Top photo shows all her curves as no bra seen there. second pic totally no clothes on her body.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sizzling Hot brooke shields

Brooke shields on bed without bra but only panty..
brooke shields without bra, breast exposed
in the second photo see how brookeshields is stretching her legs,,
Sizzling Hot brooke shields stretching legs , thighsBrooke Christa Camille Shields was born in May 31, 1965. Shields' early career was managed and pushed by her mother, Teri Shields, a small-time actress who placed her daughter in front of the camera before she was even one. As the Ivory Snow baby, Shields was once hailed as the "most beautiful baby in America." After spending many years hawking products, she was in such demand that her mother started marketing her under the logo "Brooke Shields & Co." She was a popular model by the age of 12.

Trying To Hide

beautiful photo of brookeshields
brooke shields in hat, she is too young
brooke shields stretching her legs, thighs
brooke shields has lovely long legs she is stretching them. slim waist too.
actress brooke shields
Brooke Shields made her feature film debut in "Alice Sweet Alice" (1976), but did not become a bona fide star until French director Louis Malle cast her as a 12-year-old New Orleans prostitute who becomes the romantic obsession of a much older painter in "Pretty Baby "(1978). The film was released amidst great controversy because of the scenes in which Shields (or a body double representing her) appeared nude. But while she did participate in some adult scenes, those moments were handled with taste and discretion by Malle and his cinematographer, Sven Nyquist, and the general consensus was that Shields was not exploited in the film. Thus far, her acting in "Pretty Baby" remains Shields' best.

Looking Sexy brooke shields

Sexy brooke shields
very young brooke shields
Sexy brooke shields
lovely brooke shields in gown
brooke shields photoShields was among the world's top fashion models and her countenance was everywhere. Controversy again stirred when she did some provocative ads for Calvin Kline in which she was seen wearing a too tight pair of jeans and cooed, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." At the peak of her fame, Shields appeared three times on the cover of Life magazine and once on the cover of Time. Her film career picked up around this time with appearances in such venues as King of the Gypsies (1978) and Wanda Nevada (1979), but her best-known film is the so-bad-it's-good The Blue Lagoon (1980) in which she and teenage hunk Christopher Atkins find themselves shipwrecked for years on a desert island. Ostensibly, the film is a tender tale about innocence and true love.

Royally Image

Brooke may have been one of the 12 "Most Promising New Actors of 1978" according to John Willis' Screen World, but the rest of her acting career didn't do much to prove that she was more than a pretty face. Not only is Brooke considered a pretty face, but she was even hailed as Time magazine's "Face of the '80s", thanks to the memorable The Blue Lagoon and her provocative ads for Calvin Klein jeans, proving that nothing could come between her and her Calvins.
But something did come between her and her acting career, when she took a hiatus in the '80s to attend Princeton University and receive her B.A. in French literature, after roles in Endless Love and Sahara.